Friday, November 6, 2015

Modifying SharePoint 2013 Search Topology With PowerShell

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Bad news for SharePoint admins. Microsoft removed the UI option for adding/removing/updating the SharePoint search topology in SharePoint 2013. It can be done now only and only using PowerShell. :-/

Microsoft describes the PowerShell commands here to modify it but i could not find it much arranged in first look. However i found a very nice blog by Steve Mann where he described the things very well and saved a lot of hours of SharePoint admins around the globe.

I'll try to add more light on his article to making this a little more easy. Here is a before and after of what my farm was initially and what i had after the PowerShell work.

Note: The account logged-in on PowerShell (or the server you are logged in and running SharePoint Management Shell) must have db_owner permissions for Search Admin DB in SQL. Otherwise it could give you error in PowerShell.



Here are the one by one article to follow.

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