Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Proposals for splitting a database server from a SharePoint Farm

SharePoint 2013 Farm Architecture

Proposal No 1

Architecture Changes:
·         Adding a new server as Web Front End.
·         Redirect all clients (users) requests to new WFE.
·         Only SharePoint services along with SQL services will be running on the existing server.
·         Installation and configuration of SharePoint server on new WFE.
·         Installation and configuration of all third party/custom solutions packages.
·         The existing server will still have SharePoint server instance running along with SQL server, in a result more resource consumption.
·         A license would be required for a new WFE in case we currently have license per server.
·         Install SharePoint server on new WFE.
·         Connect the server to existing SharePoint farm after installation.
·         Install/configure third party or custom solutions on new server.
·        NLB changes to redirect users to new server.

Proposal No 2
(Recommended on the basis of less workaround and advantages)
Architecture Changes:
·         Adding a new server as dedicated DB server.
·         DB server will be separated from SharePoint instance.
·         No installation of SharePoint or any third party/custom solution will be required.
·         No changes required in NLB and user’s requests will be served same as currently.
·         Independently change resources of DB server.
·         No license required for new DB server as it will not run the SharePoint instance.
·         Installation of SQL server and SSRS on new server.
·         Separating Content DB’s:
o   Install SQL server on new server.
o   Backup and restore existing content databases and from old server to new one.
o   Set new DB server for content databases in CA.
·         Separating SSRS:
o   Install SSRS on new server.
o   Change connection strings to point new DB server.

Note: You must check my other notes on Moving All SharePoint Databases to new DB Server for best way to move your all SharePoint content and config DB's to new server.

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