Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Moving all SharePoint 2010/2013 Databases to New DB Server

Below are the top levels steps that should be performed to move all SharePoint 2013 databases as recommended by MSFT .

1.       Prepare the new database server i.e. physical resources, SQL server, User Logins and permissions.
2.       Close all open SharePoint Management Shell windows, stop all SharePoint and IIS related services.
3.       Detach the databases from the current SQL Server instance.
4.       Copy all files that are associated with the databases to the new destination server that runs SQL Server.
5.       Attach the copied databases to the new SQL Server.
6.       Go to new SQL server to confirm TCP/IP port and create an Alias for new SQL server using the same port on all WFE's and APP servers.
7.       Start all SharePoint and IIS related services.

I have found this nice article on Database migration that you must check before you move ahead.

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