Friday, May 19, 2017

DateTime Picker not working with site names which contains apostrophe ' in SharePoint 2013

I have noticed that some of the sites in my SharePoint 2013 farm which contains an Apostrophe ( ' ) in their name works fine except their DateTime Picker for any of the custom list. (The OOTB Calendar type list just works fine.)

If you create a custom list and add a DateTime type column in that list, in the NewForm.aspx the DateTime picker won't dropdown to select dates if the site has an Apostrophe ( ' ) in its name.

I have a site below in SharePoint 2013 (i have a little branding so don't get confused) where i created a simple custom list. I clicked the Calendar icon but no dropdown appeared.

Change the name of the site from Site Settings and removed the Apostrophe ' character.



Tried to browse the site again and the clicked on Calendar icon again in the same form.

It worked... :)

Its Microsoft kind'a thing and till now i haven't heard that Microsoft noticed this issue and released any patch.

The issue is, the DateTime picker do not convert the ' character into %27 which is its HTML code. So in a result, the DateTime picker unable to get the dropdown.

This question really helped me to get around this. Thanks Victoria Xia for pointing out the root cause.

Happy SharePointing... :)

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