Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to get city name against google map latitude and longitude using javascript

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Before moving ahead please make sure you have a valid Google API key otherwise after few hits to google service it will throw a daily limit exceed exception in your ajax call. You need a Server API Key for this not Browser API Key from Google.

You need to include below references in your HTML code first.

[code] [/code]

JavaScript Code:

[code]function GetLocation() { navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(callback); } function callback(position) { GoogleAPI = "" + position.coords.latitude + "," + position.coords.longitude + "&key=YOUR API KEY HERE"; //Fetching City Name $.getJSON(GoogleAPI, function (json) { if (Wcity == undefined) { Wcity = json.results[0].address_components[3].short_name; alert(Wcity); } }[/code]

Please note that, in most of the cases Google map throws city name on ".address_components[3]" however you can change it to index ".address_components[2]" as well and trick with the results.

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