Wednesday, February 17, 2016

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager supports only odd (1 & 3) servers in Workflow Manager Farm

Hi There,

Yes that is true...!

Probably i am the only one who is late to know this but just want to share it if someone else missed it too.

I have recently configured a SharePoint 2013 farm with 2 WFEs, 2 APPs and 2 DB servers (in Active-Passive mode with failover setup). I have configured SharePoint Workflow Manager on all of the WFE and APP servers to build WFM farm. Everything worked fine until we faced an issue that republishing the SharePoint Workflows are not working and causing workflow crash. We opened a ticket with Microsoft and they told that Workflow Manager do not support even number of servers (4 in our case). Workflow manager supports only odd (1 or 3) servers in a Workflow Manager farm. Strange but true. I believe it could be due to the limitations of Service Bus as Workflow Manager depends on it. Service bus supports only odd servers 1,3 and somewhere i have read that now it can support 5 servers.

Conclusion: While configuring your Workflow Manager farm, always stick with 1 or 3 servers. You can install WFM client on other servers like WFEs. Preferably install WFM on a separate server.


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