Monday, August 3, 2015

SharePoint 2010: Post service accounts password changes steps

Depending on farm size and topology, it will require you ~2 or more hours to change password and test the SharePoint farm and services after password rotation. Once the passwords has been changed in AD, you'll need to update passwords in farm ASAP to minimize the downtime.

Mentioning few places in SharePoint where you must update service account with a new password after password rotation.

 Browse your web applications one by one to ensure that all are up and running. Run User Profile Service and Start Incremental Crawl to make sure it works fine. Depending on your farm needs, test the other rest of applications and services.

Expected Error Details
Central Administration or Sites Down. Error: Cannot connect to the configuration database.
Change passwords for SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) and SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER) services in DB Server Services Console
Services down in Services Console
Change passwords for below services in the servers. Stop and start after changing passwords.

SharePoint Timer Service
SharePoint User Code Host
SharePoint Server Search 14
Claims to Windows Token Service
Web Analytics Service
FIM Services
SQL Server Reporting Service
SQL Server Integration Services
Application Pools stopped
Change application pools identity accounts for all which are using the targeted pasword changed service accounts.
1. Reset IIS
2. Change for all WebApps, SharePoint services pools and custom sites. Start if any pools is stopped from above.
3. Reset IIS
4. Verify all requested application pools are started.
Search Service Issues
Go to Search Administration center and change "Default Content Access Account" password
Content deployment jobs failing
Set password for Cotent Deployment Jobs in CA
1. Click for each Content Deployment Job Path and set new password under Authentication Information section.
Excel Services: Unable to process the request. Wait a few minutes and try performing this operation again.
Restart Excel services on all App servers from CA URL. Start the SecurityTokenService application pools on all farm servers.
Performance Point Dashboard not working. Throws errors on KPI's
Open Performance Point Service.
Click Performance Service Application > PerformancePoint Service Application Settings
In the section "Secure Store and Unattended Service Account" click Edit User
Update service account with new password.


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