Friday, June 12, 2015

SharePoint 2010 _layouts/clientbin/mediaplayer.xap showing in Top Pages

Recently i encountered that one of  SharePoint resource is in 2nd highest accessed item from one of my Site Collection. It was _layouts/clientbin/mediaplayer.xap file and it was very new to me that where MediaPlayer.xap file is actually being used. Never seen this before in any of my SharePoint farm.

Thanks to Microsoft's Savoeurn Va for replying to a user here.

Its actually get called for SilverLight calls. Some of your page in your farm might be using some SilverLight plugin and that's calling _layouts/clientbin/mediaplayer.xap file.

For confirmation, go to that target page, disable SilverLight in your IE browser, refresh the page and test it. If it threw an error or warning then your page is using some sort of  SilverLight plugins.

Note: In my case it was Content Query Webpart which was calling Silverlight. I found this very nice article below on how to disable this Silverlight call.

Happy SharePointing...!

SharePoint 2010 _layouts/clientbin/mediaplayer.xap showing in Top Pages
_layouts/clientbin/mediaplayer.xap showing in Top Pages in SharePoint 2010

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