Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Workaround after changing managed account password in SharePoint 2010

After changing managed account password or SharePoint server account password there are multiple types of issues that can occur in your farm. I am trying to cover the major steps on high level.

Changing Password
  1. Open Central Administration and navigate to Security then Configure managed accounts.
  2. Edit the desired account and setup a new password.
  3. Logout from the farm.

Testing password changes

        4.    Restart Servers
        5.    Login with newly setup password on the server
         6.    Check SharePoint services if running
Clearing SharePoint Cache

         7.    Stop SharePoint Services Timer from the services
         8.    Open  Drive:\ProgramData\Microsoft\SharePoint\Config\GUID
Note: If can not find the above path, please show hidden files of your system
         9.    Delete everything except Cache.ini
        10.    Open Cache.ini and replace the existing value with 1 and save file
        11.    Start SharePoint Services Timer from the services
        12.  Perform the step 7 to 11 for all servers in server farm

Checking the farm status

         13. Brows to Central Administration and Login with new password
         14.  Open Central Administration and navigate to all pages on the main dashboard if they are working properly.
         15.    Upload file to any site check if its uploading properly

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