Friday, July 20, 2012

Telerik mvc grid datepicker not showing up the grid date in the Inline Edit mode

Hi, it seems the most common problem in telerik grid inline edit mode that the datepicker is empty or the date format changes while you edit a row. I have tried with various tricks by changing the format in Views\Shared\EditorTemplates\DateTime.cstml, sometimes it works but sometimes we need some customer format to show the user while picking up the date. For example we are showing the date in this format


but we want to show the user in this format while he pick a new date to change


So let me explain how we can customize date time format in Telerik mvc grid inline edit mode.

I guess you have no need to touch Views\Shared\EditorTemplates\DateTime.cstml for this purpose.

1. Add a client event in your grid

.ClientEvents(events => events

2. Add the onEdit function to your javascript area of the code

  function onEdit(e) {

//lets get the current date of the row
        var dataItem = e.dataItem;
        var sDate = new Date(dumpDate(dataItem));
        if (isNaN(sDate.getMonth())) {
            sDate = new Date();

//this will apply the format to the date picker that you want to show in the editing mode
        $('#GridDate').val($.telerik.formatString('{0:MM/d/yyyy}', sDate));

3. The dumpDate function will return you the date which was currently in the row you are going to edit. So add a function dumpDate to get the date.

function dumpDate(obj) {
        var result = [];
        $.each(obj, function (key, value) { if (key.toString() == "GridDate") { result.push(value); } });
        return result;

Note: you can change the name of function dumpDate to any other.

4.  You can use any custom format to show the date in the grid

columns.Bound(o => o.GridDate).Width(220).Title("Date").Format("{0:dd/MMM/yy}");

Hope this help someone. Thanks


  1. How can I set the value in DateTime picker to DateTime.Now while adding new record ??

    1. That would be simple. Use the below code and populate your field.

      var now = new Date();
      now.format("dd/M/yy h:mm tt");

      Its been a years i have played with MVC so i am not sure now with exact syntax. But it could be somthing i have placed above.

      Good Luck